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INOVA is a manufacturing company dedicated to continually advance its products by applying innovations in design, processing, and quality management for the provision of cost effective and durable pipes together with ancillary supplies and consultancy services to all its customers and end-users.


INOVA Plastic Pipe Industry is a partnership which was founded in 1989  and started as a manufacturer of polyethylene pipes (HDPE) bringing a new solution for the supply of drinking water and also for irrigation purpose in Kosova, from where the company draws it’s name.

During the 28 years since its inception, through investment and development, INOVA has gained a reputation for the high quality and reliability of the pipes it produces.

Today, INOVA has expanded its activities and produces plastic pipes for different uses: drinking water, telecommunication, sewage, irrigation, wells, cable protection, gas transportation and hoses for garden. All these products are produced from PE and PVC.

The use of top-quality raw materials is a strategic choice made by INOVA Management in the interests of obtaining the high quality finished product. All raw materials are obtained from reputable suppliers in various European Countries and comply with strict technical specifications.

INOVA has a dedicated and professional staff who are committed to offering the highest quality products and services to it’s clients.

In view of this, INOVA has the confidence to offer a 50 year guarantee for all the products produced on its premises.

In order to continually meet customer requirement, INOVA since 2007 has developed a Quality Management System, which has been assessed and certified against the provision of ISO 9001 International Standards.

Nowdays, INOVA is certified to PAS 99 for the integrated system as well as with well-known international standards EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for:

  • Manufacture of plastic pipes
  • Sales, Design and installation of Plastic Piping Systems and Solutions,

becoming one of the few companies in the Region that has its operations entirely based on best practices developed by the international standards EN, ISO and PAS.