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Consulting_imageINOVA with its unit INOVA Consulting offers specialized services for its clients (business community) through consultancy services, direct coaching and tailored trainings in different areas of business administration.

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INOVA Consulting offers specialized services in building quality management system (QMS) in accordance with famous international standard ISO 9001:2015 to its clients (SME’s, production, service, trade and consultancy companies, etc.,) in order to further advance their positioning in the market. We aim to continually improve quality management processes and procedures of our clients, make them able to achieve effective results with a highest level of satisfaction of their clients. QMS – ISO 9001 consultancy services: For implementing a quality management system (QMS) in harmony with the requests of ISO 9001:2015 standard to our clients, our consultancy services include:

· Situation analysis

· GAP analysis

· Process mapping

· Education – Training (introduction with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015)

· Documentation (quality manual, procedures, processes, instructions etc)

· Implementing standard requests

· Internal Audit

· Implementing Corrective actions

· Preparation activities for certification.

After implementing a quality management system and positive results of internal audit, we have the possibilities to quickly and in an effective way to organize the needed external audit for certification of the company.

Team of experts of INOVA Consulting and our partners, is comprised by professionals, which are acquainted with the problems and obstacles that our clients face, thus offering appropriate and class solutions. Experts that will be engaged in delivering services for QMS implementations in your enterprise are certified and members of EOQ (European Organization for Quality). Consultancy services for implementing ISO 9001:2015 QM System is leaded by Mr. Butrint Batalli, EOQ Quality System Manager

Consulting, Trainings

To facilitate increase the competitiveness of organizations, we transfer our knowledge and expertise through:

· consulting services,

· direct coaching and

· training courses.

We offer training modules and tailored training programs to our clients – business entities. Clients will receive high-class training services intended to implement programs using proven techniques.

Projects management

In addition to the production of a range of pipes, INOVA is also able to provide services in the area of water works like:

· consulting,

· projecting,

· engineering,

· Installation of water system networks – including drinking, sewage and Irrigation.