Pipes for House Hold Sewage

Product Summary

INOVA produces plastic pipes for household sewage from PVC materials.

INOVA’s sewage pipes are very qualitative. They are flexible, endurable to shocks and resistant to UV rays.

INOVA mostly produces sewage pipes in white color.

Production Range

Household Sewage_pipes

















Characteristics and technical notes of sewage pipes from PVC

Household sewage pipes are dedicated for the transportation of black water from hydro-sanitary equipments and from other household sewage means.

PVC pipes are very light, very resistant to the changes of the temperature from -15’C to +90’C. They are resistant to the salty water, alcohol, tartness, sulfate, aggressive gas and resistant to the other thing for washing.

Sewage Pipes





Not Used:

In cases when constant temperature of water is above +65’C and when water consist a great percentage of benzyl, benzene, acetone