Telecommunication pipes

INOVA – Plastic Pipe Industry, produces pipes of polyethylene (HDPE) for protection of optical cables in the field of telecommunication.

HDPE pipes for cable protection are intended mainly in the telecommunications field for the protection of optical cables and fibers.

The interior of pipes from PE is ribbed along the entire length of the pipe, which helps in reduction of the friction during insertion of the optical fibers.


Cable protection pipes of INOVA are suitable for various uses such as:
  • optical fiber protection
  • telephone cables and for
  • cable television network.


Characteristics of PE pipe for cable protection

  • excellent protection against mechanical shocks
  • advantages in installation and handling as a result of the flexibility of the pipe.
  • pipes resist earth movements (earthquakes and landslides)
  • great durability to corrosion,
  • excellent hydraulic properties,
  • resistance to friction,
  • resistance to chemicals and atmospheric agents,
  • durability in frost,
  • durability in harsh environmental conditions,
  • lifespan of more than 50 years.