Quality – EN, ISO & PAS

INOVA together with its two subsidiaries INOVAPIPE and INOVA Consulting are committed to continuously supply with plastic pipes products and management consulting services that will provide complete customer satisfaction.

The customer is the focal point for the care and commitment to continuous improvement of our products and services.

INOVA is committed to progressively increase the satisfaction of its customers by offering more high quality products and management services through attaining customer’s satisfaction as our final goal.

INOVA recognizing its responsibility as a manufacturer of quality products and provider of specialized services. To this end, in order to achieve strategic objectives in meeting and exceeding the demands and expectations of customers for the production of plastic pipes, installation of pipelines and delivery management consultancy services, has set up an integrated system, according to international standards EN, ISO and PAS.

INOVA complies with quality production system provided through international standard EN ISO 9001, environmental management system in accordance with EN ISO 14001 and health and safety system according to OHSAS 18001 certified by renowned international certification body, TUV Austria.

Accordingly, INOVA has certified an Integrated Management System in accordance with the technical specifications PAS 99: 2012.